B. 1983 North Bay, Ontario Canada

Jaymie is an emerging artist based out of Northern Ontario Canada. She studied drawing & painting at the Ontario College of Art and Design and the Alberta College of Art and Design. She received her BFA from Nipissing University in 2011.

Her practice is an investigation into female trauma and it's relation to identity and self-identity. 

Primality focused in drawing her work explores realism in graphite and mark-making with an attempt to allow moments of abstraction to form alongside the more traditional techniques of figurative practices. Jaymie is currently experimenting with projection and installation work as complement to her drawing practice.

As we all try to verbalize and explain who we are as individuals or how we perceive others, it’s sometimes difficult to render what is real and what isn’t; who are we, who are we not.



Thank you for your interest - please feel free to contact me regarding work, collaborations, virtual high-fives etc. 

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